How to Protect Your Dog from Dandruff?

How to Protect Your Dog from Dandruff?

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The dogs are usually covered with fur and so the requirement of shampoo and conditioner is mandatory. It helps to keep very clean and healthy. The human oils will not suit them as they are harsh on them and will spoil the oil as well as the pH balance. Hence there are products that are specially made for dogs as well as other pets’ .You can visit the site Your Dog Is Worth It Too for more information.

The dog shampoo usually contains ingredients that are natural or organic. The use of aloe vera is very common in these products. The tree oil is also used which keeps the skin of the dog’s coat very soft. These products are very gentle so will not have adverse effect on the dogs. They will not suffer from itching or any allergies.

It is an essential factor that there should be compatibility of the dog shampoo with the skin type of the dog. The dogs are also very susceptible to dandruff just as the humans.

What are the indications of dandruff?

  • The dandruff that is caused is usually due to the dry skin. If your dog’s coat is dry, it is very natural that it will have dandruff.
  • On the other hand if your dog has a light fur coat, it becomes difficult to determine if it has dandruff. In such cases you have to be very attentive while you bathe the dog. It is basically a bunch of dry skin that falls off in clumps.
  • The dandruff can be seen when you find a number of scabs or bumps especially near the flaky skin. The other indication is that you will find that the dogs have begun to scratch often.
  • The fur of the dog becomes thinner in few places. When you find that this is the condition, then you must be alert and know that the problem is serious and needs treatment.
  • The dandruff in dogs is caused due to the allergens or pollens. They settle on the dog and cause dandruff. The mites are also responsible for creating dandruff. They are white in colour and lay eggs on the skin that leads to dandruff.

  • If the dog has suffered from bacterial or fungal infections. Then it is likely that the dogs will develop dandruff
  • The low humid conditions of a place can also lead to dandruff in dogs. The dog should have a good diet as lack of vitamins may deteriorate the quality of the skin and lead to dandruff.

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