Hernia Surgery Recovery Time

Hernia Surgery Recovery Time

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Top Factors That Affect Hernia Surgery Recovery Time

 Dr. Mike Albin and Dr. David Albin are a team of Hernia Surgeons in Los Angeles. . Los Angeles Hernia Doctors and Surgeons Dr. David Albin is a recognized expert in hernia repair.

  1. The type of hernia repair technique used can significantly affect hernia surgery recovery time. With the advanced surgical techniques used at the Hernia Center of Southern California, including the exclusive Albin Tension Free Mesh Technique, patients experience considerably less postoperative pain, have fewer restrictions after surgery and recover rapidly.

2.     The type or the location of the hernia is a major factor of in determining hernia surgery recovery time.

3.     An individual’s overall general health also plays a factor when it comes to hernia surgery recovery time. Healthy and active patients have a quicker recovery time. On the other hand smokers have a prolonged recovery time.

4.     The experience and expertise of the doctor who performs the hernia technique is also an important factor in hernia surgery recovery time. Make sure you are seeing a hernia specialist.

Met the Hernia Surgeons

Hernia Doctor Dr. Michael Albin

Dr. Michael Albin completed his General Surgery Residency at Hofstra School of Medicine in New York. He graduated from medical school in 2009 earning his M.D. from Penn State College of Medicine. Dr. Michael Albin brings with him state-of-the-art laparoscopic hernia techniques as well as the latest in open hernia repair techniques. The Albins are the only father and son team practicing as dedicated hernia specialists in the United States. Together, Dr. David and Michael Albin build upon a tradition and culture of excellence at the Hernia Center of Southern California.

Hernia Repair Specialist Dr. David Albin

Dr. David Albin, Medical Director for the Hernia Center of Southern California and the Pasadena Surgery Center, is a recognized expert in hernia repair, having performed more than 12,000 hernia surgeries. He is certified by the American Board of General Surgery, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and is a Qualified Medical Examiner. Dr. Albin has authored published medical articles and mentors other surgeons on his specialized surgical techniques that he has pioneered. Dr. Albin completed his residency in surgery at UCLA MedicalCenter.

The Hernia Center of Southern California is staffed by the top hernia specialists. The center has performed more hernia surgeries than any other medical center in the United States.

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